Why do electrical installations need to be rewired?

All electrical installations deteriorate with age. Wiring installed before 1966 is of the greatest concern as this was the time when Rubber was last used as a cable insulation material. As we now know rubber perishes and can become hard and brittle and crumble leaving exposed live parts.

Lighting circuits installed pre 1966 did not have an earthing conductor. But with the advent of metal light fitting and switches this has become essential to ensure maximum safety.

Regulations are changing all the time to take care of safety issues and ensure that the United Kingdom has one of the safest electrical systems in the world provided that the work is carried out properly by trained professionals such as ourselves

Do-It-Yourself Market.

The last 15 – 20 years have also seen a massive growth of the DIY market and unfortunately there is a considerable amount of electrical work not being carried out in accordance with regulations and safety. There seems to be an attitude that if it works then it must be okay. WRONG just because it works does not mean that it is safe.

Not a Small Job. Rewiring is not a small job, far from it. This is one of the biggest jobs you could ever have done in your home as it affects every room.

Unlike having a new bathroom or kitchen fitted you don’t get to see much of the finished result as most of the work is hidden under floors and behind walls.

Clean and Professional.

There are some contractors who claim to be able to carry out a rewire without any mess, we find this very hard to believe. I would rather be honest with my customers, as I do not employ a magician to magic the cables into the walls and under the floors. There will be some mess and some disruption but I am a professional and we will limit this as much as possible and more importantly we WILL clean up after ourselves.